Completion Times & Design Form 




Residential:  3-4 Business Days after the date of submission

(2-3 Business Days for Club Members)


Commercial: 5-7 Business Days after the date of submission but may be longer depending on project size.



Make sure to include all information needed to complete your project. Missing information can delay the completion and cause it now to be done on our initial estimated date.





Here is a list of what we need:


* Set of Prints or sketch of the house with Dimensions

* If a Manual D is required Make sure to include room Dimensions and Names.

* Wall/Ceiling/Floor Construction Types and R Values

* Direction the front door faces

* Project Name & Address

* Equipment Type, SEER, & Brand that you want to use (Prefix of model numbers is helpful in our selection)





Marrs HVAC Services, LLC  Heating * Ventilation * Air Conditioning * Refrigeration * Energy Code